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Clutter-free time tracking that shows directly where your time has gone

Hit the play button to start the timer, interact with the timeline to see your spent time, generate reports, hit your goals.

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Our Starter plan is always free. No card required.

Why choose TimeTurtle

Minimal effort

A simple app without clutter, yet engaging and empowering thanks to its smooth interaction.

Insight & reporting

Get the insight you need to hit your goals, produce reports to bill clients, or export your data for further processing.

For anyone

Join the entrepreneurs, freelancers, artists, and others who use Time Turtle to track their time.

Key features


We build TimeTurtle with the central idea that time is continuous. The result is an app that feels natural, giving you optimal control with a clean intuitive interface.

  Overview & insight

You can smoothly navigate your timeline, move to past days and weeks, or zoom out to get a birds-eye view. This unique interactive experience results in a true sense of overview.

  Take it anywhere

TimeTurtle gives you the same great experience on any device, and is available as a web app, mobile app, and desktop app. It can be used off-line, and your data gets automatically synced.

  Powerful reporting

Hit the report button to get a detailed overview. Save beautiful reports as PDF, or copy the report to a spreadsheet for further processing.


We just want to build a great product in a sustainable way. Have a look at the pricing below.

  Own your data

Import your previous time tracking data from a CSV file. Export all records for processing or to move it somewhere else. You control your data.

Features available in all plans

   An intuitive time tracking experience.

   Works on all modern browsers, also on smartphones and tablets.

   Automatic syncing between devices.

   Can be used off-line (e.g. during traveling or on remote locations).

   Export reports as PDF.

   Export reports to spreadsheets.

   Import time record data from e.g. CSV.

   All communication is SSL encrypted.

   Your data is backed up multiple times in case something goes wrong.