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Time Turtle,
the most interactive time tracking app

A low-cost tool that gives you a true sense of overview and control, and produces beautiful reports.

  Get started
Free for 30 days (and during Beta). No commitments.
how it works
Hit the play button to start recording, hit it again to stop.
Interact using the buttons, or simply drag or scroll.
Interactively insert and edit records, or use the edit dialog.
Keep an overview, all the time.
key features


TimeTurtle does one thing and does it well, giving you optimal control with a simple interface.

  Interactive like no other

Smoothly navigate your timeline, moving to past days and weeks, or zoom out to get a birds-eye view. This unique interactive experience results in a true sense of overview.

  Take it anywhere

No compromises for smartphones: TimeTurtle gives you the same great experience on any device. Further, your data automatically gets synced between multiple devices. You can even use it off-line!

  Powerful reporting

Hit the report button to get a detailed overview. Save beautiful reports as PDF, or copy the report to a spreadsheet for further processing.


TimeTurtle will be avaialble for a simple fixed price of about €2.40 per month. The first 30 days are always free, and without commitments.

  Own your data

Import your previous time tracking data from a CSV file. Export all records for processing or to move it somewhere else. You control your data.
get a taste with the live demo
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currently in beta
During this beta period we are collecting early feedback and polishing the app. During this time (until about july 2019) TimeTurtle if free to use. We'd love to hear about your experience and/or suggestions, so please drop us a message at timeturtle@canpute.com!

Special offer: during the beta period, the first 200 users get a lifelong free account!