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About TimeTurtle


TimeTurtle is a product by Almar Klein Scientific Computing, located in the Netherlands, registered at the chamber of commerce under 61855448.

Open source

We ♥ open source! One open source project (Asgineer) has already spun out of the TimeTurtle project, and we expect more, e.g. related to database access and monitoring. We also intend to feed a significant part of our profits back to the open source projects that TimeTurtle relies on.


If you're interested, this is how we build TimeTurtle:


The TimeTurtle app is for the most part implemented in Python and compiled to JavaScript using PScript. The drawing is all done using the HTML5 canvas API (no WebGL). A specially designed binary heap is used to query records and aggregations (i.e. summaries over a period of time) fast enough to realize real-time interaction no matter at what time-scale you view your data. We do not make use of third party JS libraries (except for PDF generation) and are proud to not use NPM :)


The TimeTurtle backend runs on servers provided by Upcloud, in a datacenter in Frankfurt (Germany). The VM runs CoreOS; we use Docker to create a consistent environment between testing and deployment. The deployment process runs on a mix of Gitlab's pipelines and custom scripts to perform rolling updates. Traefik is used as a load balancer and reverse proxy. The server software is implemented in Python, using the lightning-fast Uvicorn ASGI server with Asgineer on top.